Senior Care Hobe Sound, FL – Always Best Care: Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, It’s Time to Spread the Word!

One of the most terrible diseases is Alzheimer’s. It is a progressive condition in the brain that negatively affects memory, and disrupts natural and normal behavior and thinking. Today, amazingly, Alzheimer’s stacks up as the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. In America one in eight aged Americans suffers from the disease. From the age of 65 on, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s doubles roughly every five years which doesn’t boast well for anyone’s chances.

In Home Care in Hobe Sound can be difficult for those suffering from this disease and remains effective in the early stages of Alzheimer’s but quickly becomes an obsolete option as the patient progresses deeper into their symptoms. Assisted living facilities in Hobe Sound, FL, tend to be more effective for the safe treatment of patients in the worsening stages of the disease. Signs of Alzheimer’s disease are everything from memory loss especially that of which has been recently acquired. Symptoms include increased confusion with regards to places dates and time. Victims of this disease also experience trouble remaining in tuned to a conversation, as well as increased difficulty when attempting to plan or problem solve. All of these issues compile and tend to lead towards the complete withdrawal from social activities and social interaction.

 Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is September, and people nationwide are encouraged to rally in support of Alzheimer’s patients and their families and raise awareness as advocates for the research and treatment of this disease so that those currently affected and those bound to be in the future can have a fighting chance. Alzheimer’s Awareness Month also raises awareness for improved care for those suffering under this deadly and debilitating disease.

On the 21st of September, Alzheimer’s Action Day drives Americans to wear purple to raise awareness of the brain condition. Among other tactics people are encourages to turn their profile picture on Facebook to the END ALZ thumbnail which is also purple. Americans are also asked to purchase purple products used to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. Activities like walks to end Alzheimer’s are hosted across the U.S. and are a fantastic means of spreading the importance of research.

Skilled caregivers like those from Always Best Care are available to help with the specialized needs of Alzheimer’s patients and can mitigate the load that families carry attempting to take care of their loved ones affected by this disease.

With no cure for Alzheimer’s in sight the goal of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month has never been more important. Help improve the treatment of this disease and support the research needed to make breakthroughs. Odd are you know someone suffering from this disease. Experienced elderly care providers like Always Best Care in Hobe Sound sure do. Raise awareness and get your loved one the support and treatment they need today.