What to Do with Elderly Weight Gain in Hobe Sound

Richard is genuinely worried about his elderly Uncle’s health. At age 69, Milton has added quite a bit of extra weight that has begun to interfere with his daily living routine, such as going to the store, moving around the house and getting dressed in the morning. Not only does Milton have a difficult time getting around because of his weight, Richard knows that he is at a greater risk for stroke and a heart attack because of all the extra weight. An senior care provider in Hobe Sound can help your elderly loved one manage their weight in a healthy way.

The bad news is that elderly obesity is growing more and more prevalent in not just Hobe Sound but all across South Florida as well. Milton and other senior citizens who wrestle with their weight face an uphill climb to healthy living, as they must deal with both extra weight and the indicators of aging that appear as people age. For this reason, the approach used to maintain their weight is different from that used to help younger people shed excess pounds.

As a result of ailments and the effects of growing older, plenty of elderly people in Hobe Sound who suffer from obesity are unable to perform high intensity workouts that are geared toward weight loss. While younger generations are prone to daily trips to the gym for intense carido and weight lifting activities, elderly individuals should take a less intense and more targeted approach to weight loss because their bodies are generally too frail for such strenuous workouts.

If your elderly loved one in Hobe Sound is dealing with problematic obesity, speak to their doctor to ensure that a safe approach to weight loss is set in motion. Although obesity can lead to heart disease and diabetes, overworking the body can cause elderly individuals to become frail and may cause damage to their aging life systems. Richard knows that his father needs to lose weight, and, with the help of his doctor, Milton has been able to stick to a targeted, healthy weight loss plan.