What Do You Do if you See a Senior Having a Stroke?

Senior care providers all around the world have witnessed seniors undergo a stroke. They are trained in taking the necessary tasks to do when they see that. They understand the importance of acting fast in that critical situation. Most of all, they know how to respond and they are certified to work on that patient. But what do you do if you see an elder having a stroke? Do you know what symptoms to look for? Do you know how to respond in a situation like that?

Here are five stroke symptoms you should look out for:

  1. Numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or legs
  2. Vision impairment is one or both eyes
  3. Confusion, difficulty speaking or difficulty understanding others
  4. A sudden and severe headache
  5. Trouble walking or maintaining balance, dizziness and loss of coordination.

If you see any of these symptoms, it is imperative that you seek medical attention right away for the stoke victim. It can get a bit overwhelming when you are in such a drastic situation like this. It can be stressful for you if you witness an elderly person having a stroke. It is very crucial that you act FAST! FAST is actually an acronym that can be simple to remember. It is used to help a person know exactly what to do when he or she sees a person having a stroke. In its most simple form it means:

F – Face

A – Arms

S – Speech

T – Time.

This is a better explanation of what the acronym FAST stands for. F stands for face. If you think that a person is having a stroke, ask the senior to smile. If one side of their face droops while the other reacts, it may be certain that person is experiencing a stroke. A stands for arms. Ask that individual to lift up both of their arms. Stroke victims will often have one arm stay lower than the other arm. S stands for speech. Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. If when they attempt to repeat it, their speech is slurred or abnormal, then that individual need medical attention quickly because they are in fact experiencing a stroke. Last, there is a T and that T stands for time. Time is of the essence when there is an elder having experiencing a stroke. Call 9-1-1 immediately and in a timely manner.

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