Medication Management & Substance Abuse Help in Hobe Sound, FL

When you think about senior living communities in Hobe Sound, FL, you immediately think about elderly adults being taken care of by a professional. You tend not to think about medication or alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, that type of substance abuse happens to older adults. According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SMAHSA), alcohol and medication misuse among older adults is a growing health concern and issue. Approximately one in five older adults misuse alcohol and prescription drugs.

Always Best Care Senior Services in Hobe Sound, FL is a Senior Homecare & Health Care Provider and it understands that the misuse of alcohol and medications can have a great negative health consequences to seniors and older adults. Seniors have a higher risk on falling down and injuring themselves when they are under the influence of alcohol. They can get other kinds of disabilities related to balance problems. Alcohol abuse can trigger or worsen certain medical conditions. Prescription medication and over-the-counter medicines can be misused by seniors.

Both the medical and non-medical staff at Always Best Care Senior Services in Hobe Sound, FL are always on the watch for seniors who may be abusing drugs and alcohol. They know that the symptoms in older adults can look similar to other medical disorder like diabetes, depression, and diabetes. Always Best Care Senior Services offers medication management for seniors because there are some residents who may forget to take their medicines or don’t follow their medicines’ instructions correctly. If the staff at Always Best Care Senior Services suspects that a resident may be abusing their medication or alcohol, they take the resident to see a doctor or other physician. If the subject is not discussed with a doctor, the problem will never be addressed.

For more information on the medication management procedures and alcohol abuse among seniors, contact a Care Coordinator at Always Best Care Senior Services in Hobe Sound, FL. Their phone number is (772) 205-3888. Think about admitting your senior family member into an Always Best Care facility in Hobe Sounds knowing that he or she will be in good care. Your family member will enjoy independent living and a safe atmosphere at Always Best Care.