How to talk to your parents about assisted living in Hobe Sound, FL

Getting to the age where your parents can’t do much for themselves is very hard to go through for both your parents and you. Suddenly the roles have revered and it’s time to consider getting help for them. It’s important to approach the conversation in a good way. Here are some ways to talk to your parents about assisted living in Hobe Sound, FL from the experts at Always Best Care Senior Services. 

Be very cautious with your wording 

Your parents are not children. They raised you and the last thing they want is for their adult child to tell them what to do. Changing up some words when conversing with them about getting assisted living can really go a long way. Try to not use the actual words, assisted living, it sounds debilitating as much as we both know it’s help, your parents may look at it as a burden on their independence and freedom. To avoid this feeling you should call it “community” or “retirement-style living” this will be more appealing to hear than “assisted living”. Try and be as calm as possible when talking to them and avoid condescension. As long as you keep in mind that they are still your parents you should be fine! 

Don’t act like it’s your decision or the decision has been made 

The next thing you should keep in mind when bringing up assisted living is to not act like its your decision or that your decision has been made. They won’t react well to that. Approach the conversation as a possibility. You should share with them the pros and cons of assisted living and staying home without assistance. This way they can make the decision themselves and they won’t feel their independence is getting taken away.  

If they don’t want to leave their home get to the root of the problem 

Your parents may not want to live in an assisted living facility but most of the time they have several reasons to why. You should get to the root of the problem and figure out what those reasons are and reassure them that just because they are moving to an assisted living facility it doesn’t mean their worst fears will come to life. They may be thinking that if they move into a facility their family, including yourself, would visit less often and if this is their worry just reassure them that you will continue to be a part of their lives if they move into a facility. Basically, you should be compassionate about whatever their worries are because if you get to the root of the problem you will find this process going smoother than you thought. 

Bring your parents to Always Best Care in Hobe Sound, FL 

Once you have spoken to your parents you should have in mind an assisted living facility like us. Bringing them to our facility will be a closed deal, they will love what they see. Every member of our team are trustworthy, honorable, and they all respect our seniors independence as we all know the biggest fear of an assisted facility for seniors is the possibility of losing their independence. As seasoned professionals in the field we know that your best option for assisted living is us and if you give us a call today you will know why we are the best option (561) 463-0390!

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